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Let's be honest, would you expect a buyer on Amazon to risk spending her/his hard-earned money on a 2-star-product? You wouldn't. But no matter how good your products are, negative reviews are inevitable, simply because no product is perfect for everyone. Sometimes, however, customers submit unfair or inappropriate reviews which actually don't represent the product's properties but may affect the overall product ranking. In an extreme case, reviews can be intended to mislead buyers. remove-fake-reviews-amazon

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Trustpilot's chief trust officer, Carolyn Jameson, said: "We welcome these court orders. Manipulation of reviews doesn't just undermine the efforts of those businesses who do seek to improve for their customers - it also has the potential to mislead consumers, leave them shortchanged and even impact their mental health." London-listed review site Trustpilot has won two lawsuits against companies accused of posting fake reviews to its platform.

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It largely depends on your product, but you ideally want your review request to reach someone when they're experiencing peak excitement about your product and the value it brings them. Sellers get into trouble when they break the rules. You may not:

7. Leverage Amazon's algorithms to help sell your ebooks

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I mean, I might want to buy some 5-star reviews for my WOLF STREET beer mugs that aren't even for sale; I send them out as thank-you gifts for donations of $100 or more. But hit hard by the beer mug shortage, I've been out of mugs since November 2021. So I had a reason to inquire about their 5-star reviews. For example, Wolf Street receives a lot of spam comments (that are blocked). Each one has an IP address that allows me to check the geographic area where the spam got on the internet. For example, one of them had an IP address ( that belongs to internet service provider Mobilink Mobile Internet in Pakistan, and the IP address is from its group of IP addresses in Lahore:

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"I don't think it's right that people can write fake reviews on products," Travis says. "But I need the money." She adds that by using Amazon to migrate their products to the U.S. market, these sellers can take advantage of Amazon Prime's superior shipping and logistics, as well as the reputation and trust that comes with the Amazon brand. Not to mention the cachet of its user reviews.

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