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Next Board meeting: 7/23/24



Press Release:

Municipal Aggregation letters sent out 9/8/23

Click Here Belvidere FAQ- Municipal Aggregation


Happenings around the Township


Past Agenda's are listed on Clerk's Page. Current Agenda under Latest News and Information in the left side bar.


Annual Town Meeting

Annual Town Meeting Agenda -4-9-2024

Approved minutes - 4/11/2023

Assessor, Mike St. Angel

Do you want to know what township you live in? You can look on your tax bill or click here to direct you to Boone County Treasurer's Property Inquiry and search by a parcel number or by name, address, or other criteria.


Click here for the Assessor's website. If you have any questions, please call 815-547-8095.


Tax Breakdown 2023 Payable 2024

Boone County Council on Aging

Keen Age Center


Click here to read Thank You Letter from

Boone County Council on Aging


Boone County Township's

Term Expires 2025



Belvidere - Bill Robertson 815-544-9664
Bonus - Darrel Davis 815-742-9314

Boone - Norman Stimes 815-262-5360

Caledonia - Valerie Alt 815-765-3092

Flora - Kenneth Freeman 815-547-9132

LeRoy - Brian Van Laar 815-737-1833

Manchester - Timothy Hall 815-988-9698

Poplar Grove - Brian Piske 815-262-3454

Spring - Ryan Kufalk 815-218-1388



Belvidere - Mike Dixon
Bonus - Michael Karlson

Boone - Shane Munro

Caledonia - Jeff Morelock

Flora - Michael Frank

LeRoy - Robert Donley

Manchester - William Schwarzbach

Poplar Grove - Michael Wares

Spring - Chad Harbison



Electric Aggregation



Recently Belvidere Township restarted their municipal aggregation program with MC2. Letters will be sent on September 8th informing residents of the program. It is important to note to read the contents of your individual letters as not all letters are the same.


If you’d like to be removed from the program you can call 877-831-0305, or email either MC2 at, or our consultant Adam Hoover at


Municipal Aggregation letters sent out 9/8/23

Click Here Belvidere FAQ- Municipal Aggregation


Q+A about Electric Aggregationfacts


BBB Tip: Utility Imposter Scam



Electronics Recycling in Boone County Contact 815-544-2066




Permanent Drop off Site:

Boone County Highway Dept.
9759 IL Rt. 76
Belvidere, IL


Boone County Electronics Recycling at BC Highway Dept.

NORTH of Belvidere Township on Rt. 76

Contact 815-544-2066



Tuesdays 10am-2pm

Thursdays 10am-2pm

2nd Saturday of even months 10am-2pm

(2nd Saturday in February, April, June, August, October, December)


For more information please call the County Highway Dept. (815) 544-2066 or Recycler URT (877) 278-0799.




Monthly "Bills Paid Report" will be posted one month after the 2nd Regular Board Meeting of the month. This will be after all have been paid and approved by the board. Click on the Finances page for more information.


Freedom of Information Act & Open Meetings Act

To examine or request copies of township records, a Freedom of Information form must be submitted. Click here for FOIA FEES. FOIA Officers can be reached at 815-544-2027 (8200 Fairgrounds Road, Belvidere, IL) or by email.


IL FOIA 5 ILCS 140/4


FOIA Officers:


Terri Bullard -

Katelynn Flynn -


LiHeap - Click here for much more information regarding sites and schedules.


Are you a Veteran? Click here for website to The Veterans Assistance Commission of Boone County, IL.


B1 Food Pantry - Belvidere First Assembly of God



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Happenings Around the Area



Shred Day

Service provided to Belvidere Township Residents

Limit 100 lbs per household


Next Shred Day: 8/24/24

Time: 9-Noon

Where: Belvidere Township

Company: Paper Recovery Service Corporation

Loves Park, IL 61111



Medication Collection:

6/8/24 9am-Noon @ Belvidere Townships back parking lot

Belvidere Police department is hosting @ Belvidere Township

Current Dates and time will be posted by Belvidere Police Department on FACEBOOK


Prescription Drug Disposal Bin 24/7 @

Public Safety Building

615 N Main St. Belvidere



For more details and "Happenings Around the Township" click here.



Township government is the oldest form of government in North America, beginning in 1636 and in Illinois in 1848. Belvidere Township began in 1850. There are nine townships in Boone County and these elected officials represent what is most commonly referred to as the government closest to the people. General Assistance, Property Assessment, and Road & Bridge Maintenance are the three basic services provided by our Township. Other services provide a link to the community that includes, but is not limited to, senior citizens programs, youth programs, assistance to the disabled, and cemetery maintenance.


A Brief History of Boone County (1835-1900)

Compiled by Anna E. Ralston


It is well established that the settlement of Boone County began in 1835. In that year there were permanent settlers in several of the townships. At that time there was no defined area called Boone County and the townships had numbers but no names.


The townships were very important to the early settlers. They were made up of thirty six sections of land, each section being one mile square. As the settlers filed claims to their land, their purchases were described in the deed as a fraction of a numbered section in a certain numbered township. The need for names for the townships was obvious.


Belvidere Township 1975-1999 click here to learn more


Belvidere Township 1975-1999 click here to learn more.