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Next board meeting Tuesday, April 25, 5:00 P.M. sharp.  

Press Release

Notice of Public Hearing -Notice of Public Hearings - May 23, 2017


Tentative Budget and Appropriation Ordinance for the Town

Tentative Budget and Appropriation Ordinance for the Road



Past Agenda's are listed on Clerk's Page. Current Agenda under Latest News and Information in the left side bar.


Assessor, Tami Torrance

Do you want to know what township you live in? You can look on your tax bill or click here to direct you to Boone County Treasurer's Property Inquiry and search by a parcel number or by name, address, or other criteria.


Click here for the Assessor's website. If you have any questions, please call 815-547-8095.


Breakdown of 2015 Property Tax - payable 2016


Bids & Proposals

Sealed bids – document enclosed in a sealed envelope and submitted in response to invitation-to-bid. Sealed bids received up to the deadline date are generally opened at a stated time and place (usually in the presence of anyone who may wish to be present) and evaluated for award of a contract.





Awarded Bids

Boone County

Council on Aging

Parking Lot


BCCA Parking Lot Bid Tabulation



Recreational Path & Stadium Area Pavement Improvements


Received 6/10/14

Winning Bid


Rec Path Bid Tabulation


Boone County Council on Aging

Keen Age Center




Click here to read Thank You Letter from

Boone County Council on Aging


Boone County Township's


Belvidere - Bill Robertson 815-544-9664
Bonus - Darrel Davis 815-742-9314

Boone - Donald Meier 815-569-2457

Caledonia - Valerie Alt 815-765-3092

Flora - Gail Bennett 815-985-8963

LeRoy - Oral Staman 815-543-0423

Manchester - Ray Morse 815-765-2757

Poplar Grove - Louis Anderson 815-765-3393

Spring - Ryan Kufalk 815-218-1388 click here for website



Belvidere - Richard Lee
Bonus - Donald Gustafson

Boone - Scott Rogers

Caledonia - Norm Pierce

Flora - Michael Frank

LeRoy - William Donley

Manchester - William Adams

Poplar Grove - Wayne Wares

Spring - Chad Harbison


For more information on Boone County Township's click here. Names and numbers starts on page 12 of the Boone County Illinois Year Book 2016.



Board Meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays unless otherwise listed.


Google Calendar


Clerk, Judy Schabacker

Elected May 2013 through April 2017. The clerk is ex-officio clerk of the highway district and the local election authority and keeps all town records except for active general assistance case records. The clerk also is responsible for posting legal announcements for the township. Go to the Clerk's page for more information.

Current board minutes


Belvidere/Boone County Precincts Maps


Electric Aggregation

PRESS RELEASE- March 15, 2016

Click here to read from

Supervisor Patrick J. Murphy



Click here for a link to Plug in Illinois to compare offers. Select Your Utility Service Area - dropdown menu - ComEd.


Click here for a link to CUB (Citizens Utility Board) Calculator.


Belvidere Township supplier is Constellation, and the rate is fixed at 7.14 cents per kWh for a three-year term ending January 2018. For any resident who would like to enroll (currently not enrolled) may do so by calling Constellation at 800-718-1493.

Click here for more detailed information about Belvidere Township Electric Aggregation Program.

PRESS RELEASE- January 2015

The Township initiated an electric aggregation program for all residents in unincorporated Belvidere Township in early 2013. The program enables the Township to conduct a competitive bid to procure power for its residents’ home electric bills.

Starting in January 2013, the Township negotiated a power rate of 5.229 cents. This rate continues to be significantly lower than the rate residents would have received, had they remained with Commonwealth Edison. The average Township household has saved $275 from the program’s lower power rate.

The program has achieved savings for the entire Township of $450,000.

Recently, the Township went to bid to renew the program. Unfortunately, rates have risen significantly since the inception of the program in early 2013. The current ComEd rate (energy plus transmission) is 7.43 cents.

The Township has accepted a fixed rate of 7.14 cents for 36 months. The program features no early termination fee, so residents are able to leave the program at no expense should they choose to do so.

The Township will be mailing letters out to the program’s participants explaining the new rate in the next few weeks.

Electronics Recycling in Boone County

Permanent Drop off Site

Boone County Highway Dept.
9759 IL Rt. 76
Belvidere, IL

Hours – Mon. – Fri. 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

(Excluding Holidays)


Drop off your household electronics including:

Computer monitors, phones, televisions, desktop computers, printers, fax machines, electronic games, stereos, microwaves, scanners, VCR’s, hard drives, and modems.


Materials that will NOT be accepted are devices containing or omitting radioactivity, mercury containing devices, light bulbs, appliances, and hazardous materials.


Please be respectful and do not leave garbage or other unacceptable items at the site.


This site is not staffed with people to help unload vehicles.


This site is sponsored by Boone County Government in coordination with Universal Recycling Technologies. Click here to find a location near you.

For more information please call the County Administration Office (815) 547-4770.


Boone County Electronics Recycling at BC Highway Dept.

NORTH of Belvidere Township on Rt. 76

Click here for more information.

For other locations click here.


Greener Gadgets Website


Email Addresses

For Elected Officials email addresses please go to the "Officials" web page.


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Keep yourself informed. Check out our "Facts" page.



Monthly "Bills Paid Report" will be posted one month after the 2nd Regular Board Meeting of the month. This will be after all have been paid and approved by the board. Click on the Finances page for more information. For the most current "Bills Paid Report" click here.


Click here for the Supervisor's Annual Report 2015-2016.


Freedom of Information Act & Open Meetings Act

To examine or request copies of township records, a Freedom of Information form must be submitted. Click here for FOIA FEES. FOIA Officers can be reached at 815-544-2027 (8200 Fairgrounds Road, Belvidere, IL) or by email.


FOIA Officers:


Terri Bullard -

Cathryn A Flynn -


General/Emergency Assistance

Click here for guidelines.


LiHeap - 2015-2016 List of Sites & Schedules


Are you a Veteran? Click here for website to The Veterans Assistance Commission of Boone County, IL.


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Happenings Around the Area


Great American Cleanup

Saturday, April 22, 2017

We encourage residents to get your neighborhood groups, co-workers, church groups or just friends and family together to clean up the neighborhoods. You don't have to wait until April to do it feel free to do it throughout the year. If you have cleaned up around your neighborhood please contact the township and let us know we would be glad to come and pick up what has been collected from the roadways.


Next Med Collection Day:

Saturday, June 10, 2017

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Med Collection 2016


Shred Day 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017



For more details and "Happenings Around the Township" click here.


Highway Commissioner, Richard Lee

"Spring road postings" for Boone County and Township roads are coming down on Monday, March 6, 2017.



Belvidere Township is dedicated to doing the best job of snow removal possible, within the restrains of reasonable cost. By its nature, there will always be someone who is plowed first or last. We operate on routes designed to best utilize our equipment and to give the fastest economic service possible. Conditions such as: when snow starts and stops, how wet or deep, and or how windy affect the timing, method and success of snow removal. There are times when it is impossible to make progress and we may have to delay starting or pull off the road. And there are times and conditions where we may only plow to keep roads open. Your understanding and cooperation is very important to our efforts. With the best planning and efforts, there are still things that go wrong. If you need to report special problems, please call 815-544-2029 and leave a message. Snow crews can operate all hours of the night, so patience and understanding can go a long way.


Click here for Belvidere Township Bounty map.


Belvidere Township Snow Removal Ordinance No. 12-08


Illinois Department of Transportation - click here for "Winter Road Conditions".

Shaw Road Ordinance dated May 14, 2013.


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Township government is the oldest form of government in North America, beginning in 1636 and in Illinois in 1848. Belvidere Township began in 1850. There are nine townships in Boone County and these elected officials represent what is most commonly referred to as the government closest to the people. General Assistance, Property Assessment, and Road & Bridge Maintenance are the three basic services provided by our Township. Other services provide a link to the community that includes, but is not limited to, senior citizens programs, youth programs, assistance to the disabled, and cemetery maintenance.



A Brief History of Boone County (1835-1900)

Compiled by Anna E. Ralston


It is well established that the settlement of Boone County began in 1835. In that year there were permanent settlers in several of the townships. At that time there was no defined area called Boone County and the townships had numbers but no names.


The townships were very important to the early settlers. They were made up of thirty six sections of land, each section being one mile square. As the settlers filed claims to their land, their purchases were described in the deed as a fraction of a numbered section in a certain numbered township. The need for names for the townships was obvious.


To read more about Boone County click HERE.




Belvidere Township 1975-1999 click here to learn more.




Agencies, Education, Government (click here for a helpful link to the Boone County Illinois Year Book 2015), Media, Recreation, Resources, Services, and helpful information for New Residents are on this page. If you would like something considered for this page, please feel free to email us,


Patrick J. Murphy

Patrick J. Murphy, 67, of Belvidere, passed away suddenly, September 16, 2016.


Elected Officials



Front Row: Tami Torrance, Patrick J. Murphy, Judy Schabacker, & Richard Lee


Back Row: Bill Robertson, Robert "Bob" Turner, Richard Nelson & Kathy Grover


Resolution 02-16

Resolution Setting the Compensation of the Elected Officials of the Township of Belvidere for the Term Beginning on May 15, 2017.


Message from Supervisor Patrick J. Murphy, Sept. 2016


Belvidere Township was saddened and appalled to learn about the accident at Beloit and Orth Roads involving a school bus, which resulted in the injury to several children. I am thankful that there were apparently no serious injuries.

The Township has been working on an ongoing basis with the road district to make sure that our streets are as safe as possible. You may recall that we recently provided funding to the Boone County Sheriff’s office to permit them to purchase a speed monitor to help get some control over the traffic routes where people have a tendency to speed.

We are continuing to work with the Road District, the Sheriff’s office, Caledonia Township and others to determine if we need to do a traffic study of this particular intersection and other intersections that may need additional traffic control devices, or whether there is anything else that we need to be doing to improve the safety for all our drivers.

We are very thankful to the first responders and everyone who worked quickly to remove the children and bus driver from any additional danger.


Q & A

Q. What is a Township's responsibility? For the answer click "here".

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