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Belvidere Township

Tami Torrance
8200 Fairgrounds Road
Belvidere, IL 61008


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Assessment information is available at the County Website
Click on property information on the top of the page, click Sales Locator Tool.

This will take you to sales information.

Click >>Continue to Sales Locator Tool. Check the “sales” box.

Your assessment is directly related to sales in our Township.


We have also added to our website "Sales By House Type".



County Assessment Office
1208 Logan Avenue
Belvidere, IL 61008

For Your Information:




Distribution of Property Tax Dollars-click to see breakdown.


2017 Property Tax


2016 Property Tax


2015 Property Tax


2014 Property Tax


2013 Property Tax


2012 Property Tax


2011 Property Tax


2010 Property Tax




Our Staff:


Kris Hall, Chief Deputy Assessor


Jessica B. Muellner, Residential Deputy Assessor


Mike St. Angel, Commercial & Industrial Deputy Assessor






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