Belvidere Township Tornado Sirens

DID YOU KNOW? For your safety Belvidere Township has five tornado sirens. To read more click here.

Blacktop Projects

RESURFACING/BLACKTOP The township goes out to bid through the county for any resurfacing/blacktop of Belvidere Township roads. We have tried to close any loopholes in the contract so that once a road is started it is completed in a timely manner. Unfortunately a lot of it is out of our control once the contractor gets the bid. We apologize for any inconveniences that you may have during the resurfacing of any road in Belvidere Township.

For more information, please go to the Highway page.

Boone County Electronics Recycling-Highway Dept.

Permanent Drop off site located at 9759 Il. Rt. 76 (north of Squaw Prairie Road) at Boone County Highway Dept. Click here to read more.

Customer Choice and Municipal Aggregation

PRESS RELEASE- March 15, 2016

Click here to read from Supervisor Patrick J. Murphy



Information about recent mailing from Spark Energy....click here to read more.


For information on Municipal Aggregation visit ComEd's website.


Click here for more detailed information about Belvidere Township Electric Aggregation Program.


Constellation Energy - to get signed up call 1-800-718-1493.


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Belvidere Township Serves...

Belvidere Township serves residents within the city limits of Belvidere as well as the approximately 9000 residents that reside outside of the city limits. Click here to read more.

Distribution of Property Tax Dollars

2010 Property Tax


2011 Property Tax


2012 Property Tax


2013 Property Tax


2014 Property Tax


2015 Property Tax


2016 Property Tax




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