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Belvidere YMCA Youth Scholarship

Click here for more information or contact the Belvidere YMCA at 815-547-5307.


Flaming Monkeys


World Championship News




Congratulations Patrick Murphy!

Recipient of Make It Loud Award (2014)






2018 Boone County 4-H Robotics Camps

Coming Soon




Flaming Monkeys Team





The Flaming Monkeys, a youth robotics 4-H club based in Boone County, has found a home within the Belvidere Township building. "The BotCave" as it is known is in the lower level of the building. Formed in 2009, the Flaming Monkeys previously met in the homes of the team's adult mentors. The township extended an invitation to give them a permanent site in 2012. The club consists of high school students throughout Boone County.


More about The Flaming Monkeys visit their website www.flamingmonkeys.org




Great American Cleanup

The Great American Cleanup  



Med Collection Day


Belvidere Township

8200 Fairgrounds Road

Belvidere, IL



Next Collection Day:







2018 Med Collection Totals

438 lbs. of Medication

335 Households



2017 Med Collection Totals

1921 lbs. of Medication

293 Households



2016 Med Collection Totals

908 lbs. of Medication

426 Households



2015 Med Collection Totals

936 lbs. of Medication

407 Households

19 Volunteers



2014 Med Collection Totals

5 Bags of Controlled Drugs

11 lbs. of Aerosols

813 lbs. of Medication



To read more on the disposal of old medicines please click here.


To read about disposal of Sharps, Needles, & Syringes click here.




Boone County has a permanent location for Boone County residents to safely dispose of unused and expired medicines.

A drug collection unit is set up in the front lobby of the Public Safety Building located at 615 N. Main. Medication can be dropped off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


1. Keep drugs in the original container with safety lids.

2. Scratch out patient information on labels.







Paper Shredding Day



Shred Day History


Vehicles Collected

April 2018

April 2017 220  
April 2016 292 13,890 lbs.
April 2015 332 11,850 lbs.
April 2014 220 9,070 lbs.
April 2013 191 6,050 lbs.
May 2012 208

7,420 lbs.

April 2011 163 unknown
October 2009 50 unknown
April 2009 170 5,100 lbs.



April 28, 2018

9:00 A.M. - NOON


Service provided to Belvidere Township Residents

Paper Recovery Service Corporation

Loves Park, IL 61111





Thanks to the C.E.R.T. group and the Flaming Monkeys for all the help.



Property Tax Clinic


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