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Mike Dixon

Belvidere Township

Mike Dixon
8200 Fairgrounds Road
Belvidere, IL 61008


givebrakePlease Be Aware of Township Road Crews & Farm Machinery on the Roadways.



Political Signs & All Other Signs Must Be a Minimum of 33 Feet from the Center of The Road. Any signs found in the right of way will be removed by the highway department. This is an Illinois Law.


Safety on the Roadways:


SlowMovingVehicle"Rules of the Country Road" from the Illinois Farm Bureau.SlowMovingVehicle



Click here for link to Boone County Highway Dept. "Posted & Non-Posted Roads".

What We Do For You:


Beloit Road - 10/28/13 Bike and walk path.


  • Maintain, patch and repair township roads (89.45 miles of roadway)
  • Resurface the township roads as needed
  • Trim and remove trees in the township right of way
  • Plow snow and spread ice control
  • Mowing of the township right of way
  • Provide and maintain road signs and street lighting
  • Issue permits for the installation of culverts, driveways, and overweight vehicles
  • Maintain culverts - If you see leaves around your culverts or catch basins, please take a minute to rake them away. The few minutes you take to do this may stop your yard from flooding. Do not burn leaves in the ditch as ashes could plug culverts as they are washed away.


Winter Weather:

Belvidere Township Snow Removal Ordinance No. 12-08 click here to read.


For those of you who are newcomers, especially from cities or southern states, you should make yourself aware of the differences in conditions, in removal methods and in responsibilities. There are a number of government agencies responsible for roads within Boone County. Knowing who to contact for a road problem could help expedited any problems you may experience. Belvidere is also a rural community that may dictate harsher snow conditions for both the resident and snow removal crew. Your proper preparation and driving techniques will help avoid problems for everyone.
Please slow down and drive carefully during adverse conditions.


Whose Right of Way is it Anyway?


We would like to share some information with you to help you better understand the way our snow removal system works and to help keep you all safe this winter.


Weather Conditions – The weather plays a huge factor in how long it takes to remove the snow/ice. How much, how long it snows, weight of the snow (wet, heavy snow takes much longer to remove than a few inches of light, fluffy snow) all factor into technique and time. Wind and temperature can also make plowing hard or even impossible to keep roads safe/open in some cases.


Routes – Our drivers have specific routes they are assigned each time it snows. Unfortunately, someone is always first and someone is always last. These routes are laid out to make our snow removal go as quickly as possible.


Mailboxes – Your mailboxes take a beating in the winter from the wet, heavy snow and slush. Your mailbox, by law, should be mounted on a wood post (not steel or brick). Check to make sure it is not starting to decay/rot at or below the ground. Also, make sure the screws or lag bolts are tight that hold it to the post.  If your mailbox gets knocked down it will be up to the driver and the road commissioner to determine if it was a result of snow coming off the plow or if the snowplow hit it. If the driver hits your mailbox it will be replaced with a standard wood post and mailbox.


Marking the Edge of Your Yard – Some residents like to mark the edge of the road to keep traffic and snowplows from damaging their yard. If you choose to do so it must be done with fiberglass marking posts (kept one foot off the road to help with the snow removal). Steel posts will not be tolerated. If a steel post gets broken or bent it can do serious damage to tires, undersides of vehicles, snowplows, etc. in which the homeowner may be held liable.


Right of Way/Obstructions – The standard right of way in almost all cases is 33 feet from the center of the road way. Any obstructions in the right of way (rocks, landscape material, fences, bushes, etc.) should be removed. If there is any damage caused to a snowplow from obstructions in the right of way the homeowner may be liable.


Cul-de-sacs – If you live in a cul-de-sac, the snow removal procedure goes as follows: During the initial snow the snowplow will make one, sometimes two passes around the outside of the cul-de-sac pushing the snow towards the middle. After the snow has ended and the roads are clear, the snowplow will come back and clean the cul-de-sac. It is up to the determination of the driver where to put the snow in order to make the cleaning of the cul-de-sac the quickest and most economic. Some residents may end up with more snow in their yard than others. If you wish to mark the edge of the road with fiberglass posts, please keep them at least 14 feet apart so the snowplow can push snow in between them without damaging the markers.


Driveways – Unfortunately when plowing snow you will end up with snow at the end of your driveway. Our drivers do what they can to keep this at a minimum. Pushing snow across the road or leaving the snow from your driveway in the road is illegal. If there is damage done to a snowplow or someone’s vehicle, the homeowner can be liable. Also, if you pile snow at the end of your driveway, please do so by putting the snow on the right side of your driveway when you are facing the street. This will minimize the amount that gets knocked back into your driveway when the snowplow goes by.


Stuck Vehicles – If you are out driving in the bad weather and your vehicle becomes stuck, snowplow drivers cannot assist in pulling you out. We cannot be held liable if we should do damage to your vehicle. You will have to call a tow truck or other option to assist you.


If you have any questions not addressed here, please feel free to contact the highway township office at 815-544-2029. Please know that your proper preparations will help to avoid problems for all of us. It is the township’s goal to keep the roads as safe as we can for you this winter. Drive safe and think twice before trying to pass a snowplow.


Thank you
Michael T. Dixon

Highway Commissioner
Belvidere Township

Belvidere Township Boundry Map

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Click here for Google Map of Belvidere Township borders.



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Weight Restrictions Ordinance 01-16 - click here to view (dated February 9, 2016).


Shaw Road Ordinance - click here to view (dated May 14, 2013).


Permit Fee Ordinance - click here to view (dated February 27, 2007).


Road Projects

The township goes out to bid through the county for any resurfacing/blacktop of Belvidere Township roads. We have tried to close any loopholes in the contract so that once a road is started it is completed in a timely manner. Unfortunately a lot of it is out of our control once the contractor gets the bid. We apologize for any inconveniences that you may have during the resurfacing of any road in Belvidere Township.






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