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Mike Dixon

Belvidere Township

Mike Dixon
8200 Fairgrounds Road
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Our Crew:





Welcome Mike Dixon new Highway Commission


New Hwy Comm



Mike Dixon, Trisha Smith States Attorney,

Bill Robertson Supervisor and

outgoing Highway Commission

Richard Lee


Safety on the Roadways:


SlowMovingVehicle"Rules of the Country Road" from the Illinois Farm Bureau.SlowMovingVehicle



Click here for link to Boone County Highway Dept. "Posted & Non-Posted Roads".

What We Do For You:


Beloit Road - 10/28/13 Bike and walk path.


  • Maintain, patch and repair township roads (89.45 miles of roadway)
  • Resurface the township roads as needed
  • Trim and remove trees in the township right of way
  • Plow snow and spread ice control
  • Mowing of the township right of way
  • Provide and maintain road signs and street lighting
  • Issue permits for the installation of culverts, driveways, and overweight vehicles
  • Maintain culverts - If you see leaves around your culverts or catch basins, please take a minute to rake them away. The few minutes you take to do this may stop your yard from flooding. Do not burn leaves in the ditch as ashes could plug culverts as they are washed away.

Winter Weather:

Belvidere Township Snow Removal Ordinance No. 12-08 click here to read.


We wanted to share some information with you so that we can do a better job of clearing snow from our roads in a timely and economic way.

Belvidere Township is dedicated to doing the best job of snow removal possible, within the restrains of reasonable cost. By its nature, there will always be someone who is plowed first or last. We operate on routes designed to best utilize our equipment and to give the fastest economic service possible. Conditions such as: when snow starts and stops, how wet or deep, and or how windy affect the timing, method and success of snow removal. There are times when it is impossible to make progress and we may have to delay starting or pull off the road. And there are times and conditions where we may only plow to keep roads open. Your understanding and cooperation is very important to our efforts. With the best planning and efforts, there are still things that go wrong. If you need to report special problems, please call 815-544-2029 and leave a message. Snow crews can operate all hours of the night, so patience and understanding can go a long way. Here are some specific issues you may need to deal with from time to time:


OBSTRUCTION: Some residents like to landscape their yards close to the roads. For the safety of our snowplow crew, items such as rocks, bushes, fences, hedge walls and timbers should NOT be placed in the right-of-way. Homeowners who have such objects may be liable for any damages or injuries that those objects may cause. You should be aware there are rather deep right-of-ways in front of all homes, which the homeowner does not own. These right-of-ways serve many purposes including allowing crews to push snow off the pavement several feet to make room for future snowfall. Damage to any obstructions (railroad ties, boulders, posts of any kind, cars, etc.) on the right-of-way will be the responsibility of the homeowner, as these obstructions are in violation of State Statutes.



Whose Right of Way is it Anyway?


MAILBOXES: Winter is hard on mailboxes. By their nature, they are in conflict with the efforts to clear snow from the roads. At times, heavy slush discharges from a plow will knock down a mailbox. Most mailboxes, if properly placed and installed, will withstand heavy slush. The Township will NOT be responsible for damage to mailboxes knocked down by heavy snow or slush. There are times, under difficult winter conditions we may knock down a mailbox. In the event that damage is caused by a plow, a supervisor will investigate the claim. Upon finding a Belvidere Township snowplow at fault and providing the mailbox complies with postal regulations, the township will repair the mailbox, or replace mailbox/post if necessary, with a standard wooden post and box according to postal regulations (sorry, no fancy replacement). Each property owner is responsible for the condition of their mailbox and the approaches to them. The homeowner is responsible for all damage other than a plow striking their mailbox.


DRIVEWAY: An unavoidable result of plowing snow is a ridge of snow along the road and at the end of driveways. Operators do what they can do to minimize this when possible. You can help yourself by piling the snow you clear from your driveway to the right side (the side away from approaching traffic) this will minimize the snow ridge on your drive. NOTE: Redistributing the snow from your driveway into the road is prohibited.


CUL-DE-SACS are wonderful peaceful place to live, but you will have to pay an additional price for your privacy. They are difficult to plow and cause many problems for the homeowner. Please be understanding of the additional problems they cause for snow removal crews.


STUCK VEHICLES:  Please do not ask or expect us to assist in pulling out stuck vehicles, we do not accept the liability nor do we have the proper equipment to do this. You should be prepared to call a local towing service should you get stuck.

For those of you who are newcomers, especially from cities or southern states, you should make yourself aware of the differences in conditions, in removal methods and in responsibilities. There are a number of government agencies responsible for roads within Boone County. Knowing who to contact for a road problem could help expedited any problems you may experience. Belvidere is also a rural community that may dictate harsher snow conditions for both the resident and snow removal crew. Your proper preparation and driving techniques will help avoid problems for everyone.
Please slow down and drive carefully during adverse conditions.


Belvidere Township Boundry Map

Click here to view.


Click here for Google Map of Belvidere Township borders.


Click here for Boone County website and downloadable maps.


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Weight Restrictions Ordinance 01-16 - click here to view (dated February 9, 2016).


Shaw Road Ordinance - click here to view (dated May 14, 2013).


Permit Fee Ordinance - click here to view (dated February 27, 2007).


2017 Road Projects


The township goes out to bid through the county for any resurfacing/blacktop of Belvidere Township roads. We have tried to close any loopholes in the contract so that once a road is started it is completed in a timely manner. Unfortunately a lot of it is out of our control once the contractor gets the bid. We apologize for any inconveniences that you may have during the resurfacing of any road in Belvidere Township.




Rellswood Hills

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Fox Run


Walnut Grove

Oak Hills Estates

Centaur Estates




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